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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

Our community of Multnomah Village must be a safe and welcoming space for everyone regardless of race, gender, sexuality, and socio-economic background.


We are proud of the diversity of cultures that our district represents and strive for unity and inclusion for all. 


As a business association, we are standing up against racism and bias in our community and believe that stronger community builds stronger businesses.


We encourage our members to be informed and attentive to the importance that diversity, equity and inclusion represents and be responsive in ways that make sense for each member.

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DEI Resources

Northwest Native Chamber (NWNC, formerly ONAC)

Xcelerate Women (Women Owned Businesses)
Mercatus PDX (Latinx Business community)
Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber (Latinx Business Resource)
Portland Means Progress (Labor Diversity Resource)
Q Center (LGBTQ+ Resource Center)
GayPDX Directory (LGBTQ+ Businesses)
Southwest Equity Coalition (SWEC - Community Builder)
Beautiful painted cement planters in Multnomah Village
Letter I, red heart, letters M and V


Join the MVBA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee! This quarterly meeting focuses on the development and activation of MVBA's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion activations currently in progress. All MVBA Members are invited to attend.

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