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Become a Member of the MVBA


Membership Eligibility:

A member of MVBA shall be a single entity with representation that does business within the designated area.

MVBA Boundaries: The designated business district is defined as an area between SW Vermont on the North boundary, Barbur Blvd on the South boundary, SW 45th Ave on the West boundary and approximately SW 24th Ave on the East boundary.

  • Entity:

    • A person, firm or corporation who does business in the designated area,

    • Any person or organization having a demonstrated business interest in the designated area.

  • Representation:

    • An owner of a business in the designated area, or

    • An employee designated by the owner or manager of a business, corporation or organization located in the designated area, or

    • A person with interest as designated by the business or organization.


Non-Discrimination Policy:

MVBA will not discriminate against individuals or groups based on race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation gender identity, age, disability, legal citizenship, national origin, income, or political affiliation in any of its policies, recommendations or actions.

Join the MVBA! Receive benefits such as training and networking, directory listing and marketing opportunites, as well as access to a member-only Facebook group.

Smiling members of the Multnomah Village Business Association
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