Multnomah Days

(Ad)Venture in the Village

A Hunt for Prizes, Discounts, and Fun! Multnomah Days 2020 will take on a new form that will get people out and about to explore many of the unique delights the Village has to offer!

August 14th -16th, 2020 


What is it?

Answer: A Modern Scavenger Hunt

(Ad)Venture in the Village is an opportunity for community members to re-engage with businesses in the Village. Because of the limitations of social distancing and the need to keep our neighbors, employees, and business owners safe, the Multnomah Days planning committee has developed a scavenger hunt concept that will take place in the Village Friday through Sunday August 14th to 16th.

How does it work?

Answer: Like a classic scavenger hunt, just with a digital twist

At 12 noon on Friday, August 14th, we will release a list of clues here on the MDays website that will give you breadcrumbs to follow to participating businesses in the Village. The list will be randomly ordered and will change periodically throughout the weekend. The clues will be the same, but they will change in order.

Using all your wit and moxie, you will need to decipher the clues to find which businesses in the Village have a special offer for you. Once you’ve arrived at the business, look for a QR code that will be displayed somewhere in their shops (at the checkout counter, in a window, hidden in the shop). Scan that image with your mobile device, and it will take you to a page with info about the shop you are exploring and reward you with whatever promotion they are offering. Once you are done perusing the shop’s wares, then head off following the next clue.

You can use any QR code scanning app for your smart mobile device. Most of them are free so just search for “QR Code Scanner” in the App Store or Google Play

What if digital is not my thing?

Answer: That’s cool. You can still participate.

We’ll have a table set up at the intersection of Capitol Hwy and 35th where you can get paper copies of the clue list to follow.

Once you arrive at a participating business, you can ask an employee about the “Venture in the Village” promotion, and they will have all the necessary info for you.

Got Questions?

Check back on this page for updates as we get closer to the event. And visit us on Facebook at the official Multnomah Days page to let us know how we can help you to participate in this event

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